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The neolithic settlement of choirokitia was founded by a community of primary farmers, who made a livelihood tending livestock, hunting and trading with neighbouring communities. It's believed to date back to 5800 B.C. Also to be found are the ruins of ancient city Kition, birthplace of infamous philosopher Zenon, founder of the Stoic School (Greek school of philosophy) in 308 B.C., which beliefs were that God determined everything for the best and that virtue is sufficient to happiness.

 The church of Panagia Angelloktisti, which means built by angels, is situated in the village of Kiti. Built in the 11th century, it is said that when the church was being built, it was not intended for the location where it stands today, but somewhere else. As they were building the church they discovered miraculously that the foundations had been transferred to the area where it stands today. And as they continued building they observed that the construction advanced by itself, that is why it is said that it was built by angels.

 The Phinikoudes promenade, famed for its palm trees, suitably named due to the fact that Phinikia, translated into English, means palm tree. The beach is suitable for all ages and a favourite with the tourists. In the evening the Phinikoudes seafront offers the best night out in Larnaca, with countless choices of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs, which have events mostly during the Summer and bring world famous DJs to ensure a great night out.  

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