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Selling a property in Cyprus is a very simple process and one which will be very familiar to residents of the UK. There is often concern expressed about title deeds and how slow these are to become available, however, this does not inhibit your ability to sell your property based in the contract deposited in the Land Registry office in your name.

In the UK, you can sell your home even though the mortgage lender holds the title to the property. The mortgage is settled (unless there is negative equity) by the proceeds of the sale and the title is passed to the new owner or the new mortgager. In Cyprus, if the title deeds are held by the owner, this helps the sale but if they are not held, the contracts are changed in the land registry office and the new owner can apply for the title deeds when they become available. This process is taken care of by your solicitor in exactly the same way as the transaction taking place on the original sale. Proceeds of the sale can be repatriated by EC citizens or used to purchase another property in Cyprus.

Some developers will take your existing home as a part-exchange on a new villa that you propose to purchase from them and the price you obtain for the property is very much down to your negotiating skills. However, there is also a thriving Estate Agency sector in Cyprus that will be keen to market the property on your behalf. Commission rates vary and not all resellers of property are registered estate agents so take the sensible path and "shop around" in the same way you would if you were back in your home country.

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